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I have been inspired by others online to provide some form of entertainment for all of you new shut ins. I know that times are tough and uncertain and I am definitely doing my part by staying in and keeping my place a safe and healthy zone for myself and my family.

Funny thing about me is that I am not particularly social. I honestly am comfortable in most situations and that’s because I have a big sense of acceptance and most things are an adventure to me. I have always had a wild imagination. I have recently been quoted by my youngest daughter, “Who needs friends when you have books?” I have found reading to be a magical escape. I also haven’t always had an abundance of friends unless you count my three cats and two dogs, which honestly I do, then I am rich with friends. So I have plenty of quarantine games that I have played my entire life because of my social awkwardness. I will make a short list for you.

  1. You can practice your Oscar award speech. What you need: a round hairbrush microphone, a soft chair to sit on, *yes toilet counts especially when you can see yourself in the mirror, and a great speech. “I would like to Thank all of you that have supported me through my career, I know that it wasn’t easy always having me sleep on your couch, but now I am a huge star so I can buy you a new one. To my parents for always believing me. And Always the Lord for watching over me, and my husband *fill in current handsome star or crush or actual husband.” you know great speeches like that.
  2. Practice being on a talk show. What you need: a comfy seat or kitchen counter and that is all. You can be host. You can be a guest. You can be cooking segment guest. “I am going to make a family recipe that reminds me of my latchkey days. Nothing but a package of wonder bread and a huge tub of peanut butter and a little bit of General Hospital “Luke and Laura edition” to wash it all down. First you want to skip the heel of the bread, you don’t want this piece because it is for the future when the entire loaf is gone but the heels and then it has to be used with the other one. You open the fresh tub of the peanut butter and you scoop out the belly button so that your brothers and sister can’t have it. Then you swipe it on your bread. Then you fold bread in half and eat. Thank you for watching my cooking segment “latchkey recipes, I’m *fill in blank here, back to you *Luke”
  3. Solitaire is the game of champions. There are several ways to play. What you need: a deck of cards. Check them first because an entire deck of cards is apparently rare. Usually there are some missing. Sometimes there are the packs that have been reworked so that all of the cards are there but these have dogs and those three have beach scenes and this one has the traditional red design on the back.
  4. Chinese jump rope, this can be played with three but not with social distancing. What you need: Large rubber band *or chinese jump rope if they are still a thing (I’m old so they may not exist anymore) and two chairs. Then be careful because sometimes the chairs snap shut with the rope and you have to move quickly so  you don’t get hit in the teeth while you are laughing with your chair friends because you are having so much fun. Remember its outside, inside, side, side, on, and then diamond and this takes some skill because those chairs are not going to stand up and you may be hurt. So much fun.
  5. A tea party with your stuffed animals. What you need: a tea set ; or pitcher and cups; or larger cup and smaller cups; Heck you can even use pretend tea set and cups and one or more stuffed animals. The trick is to have polite conversation with your stuffed animals “Oh so how is your Aunt doing? The last time I saw her she was going to marry Luke. Did your Aunt Laura marry Luke? *because again it was the show that I watched when I was supposed to be vacuuming the house. The house got vacuumed two minutes before my mom came home. She witnessed me with the vacuum so it happened.
  6. Draw or color. What you need: a full coloring book that you have already did and some scrap paper to trace or draw *if you are talented enough, and pencil and coloring utensils.
  7. IF you have a new box of crayons you can have a fine wedding first before coloring. What you need: a fresh box of crayons, a tissue, an elastic band and an imagination. The white crayon bride will wear the tissue wedding dress held on with her elastic band corset. She will be the envy of all of the other crayon ladies such as Pink, Purple, Red and Orange. The groom, we will call him Luke, *black crayon will be so happy that he is marrying white crayon *Laura. Game pieces can also be married.

These are just some fine suggestions from a person who has practiced social distancing for a long time.

Moral of my story: I think this time is an opportunity to connect with ourselves and truly see how we are doing. We can remain peaceful and happy even if we are a little bit scared. We can also tap into our inner child and remember what it was like when we were young and could make rockets out of laundry baskets. I wish you all well and hope you are safe and healthy.

Until next time. 🙂

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