Well here I am again! I don’t know how many readers I have, it may just be me and my cats at this point. (let me take a moment to say hello to them “Hello Willow, Misty and Jacare”) I guess I should explain what my mission is here. I don’t really have one and yet I do. I want to share my thoughts on being a mother, a woman and a person (with or without pets) in a humorous way. We all get bogged down with the challenges of life, I just so happen to think they are funny. I’m the person that can see the funny in just about every situation. I have been through some tough times in my life and I have been able to laugh in most of those tough times.

Currently my life is going pretty well, I am on a diet, it involves a lot of kale. Yesterday I got a kale and chicken salad for lunch and I’m pretty certain about 90% of it was weeds. As I tried to chew and swallow the stems of these weeds I was thinking “is being fat such a bad thing?” I made it through the weed and chicken salad and then decided that dieting wasn’t that terrible. So yes I am on my diet still (except it is a bad thing to call it a diet now, it’s supposed to be a lifestyle change…as in I now eat weed salad for lunch, that’s my life, that’s the new me. I’m a weed eater!) To be fair I have had better kale and chicken salad, this one was sub-par. I don’t blame all of the kale and chicken salads of the world, just that one from yesterday (you know what you did). I don’t really mind eating healthy, I have been fitting better in my clothes so that’s a plus. I am soon to be an empy-nester (as my husband refers to it. I refer to it as the year of tears and sadness and remember when I had built-in friends that lived with me and didn’t have to face the outside world to meet new people phase of my life.) I have my three cats, I made a shout out to them at the beginning, so you obviously know them. I have two dogs and they are just balls of fur and love. I am not a great housekeeper but maybe when the kids move to college I’ll be bored enough to clean. (sometimes I feel like getting a maid, other times I feel like moving and just starting over.) I have only one husband…I don’t know why I said that but you know I have multiples of everything else, so maybe I needed to be clear about that. I start back up with classes in the fall. I love learning and I get really excited about school. I will probably graduate at retirement age, but I am going to accomplish this for my self-esteem. I quit school when I had my first child and I have been a mother for over twenty years, now its time to be me again and yet I don’t know her anymore. So that is what you and I can do together, we can all get to know me at the same time (I’m excited, I hear she’s awesome). I hope that someone out there will want to join me on this journey. I will talk about being a mother, an empty-nester, a wife, a woman, a pet owner and many other personalities that I have. (I am studying psychology in school, so I am an expert, do not try this at home.) So if you are here and reading this, please follow me and leave me a little bit of encouragement in the comments box…I don’t want to end up like Tom Hanks in that movie where he makes friends with a ball (I’m terrible with names, but you know the one)  but I will make friends with a ball if all else fails.

I hope you decide to check in on me from time to time to see how I’m doing (I can introduce you to my ball, I’m thinking of naming her Patricia!)

Until next time (I promise to talk about living in a bus, I just wanted to put out my mission statement first and also I want to know that you are truly paying attention before I go into all of that) 🙂

5 thoughts on “What you can expect here (and other nonsense about me)

  1. Hi Becki, great job! Proud of you for doing it. Don’t give up & I’ll have to share some of my stories…….one including a priest and a nun……no lie!
    We are hardest on ourselves and can only do what we feel is right for us and our family….I’ve learned and not always easy to say f#$k what others think. Love ya…from an old BTown friend!!

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