I just wanted to say hello and welcome to my blog. I have really thrown the idea of starting a blog for two years now. What was stopping me was fear. I don’t really know how to start a blog. But as I did research it turns out I just have to jump in blind. I wanted to start a blog because I have many unique stories and I thought that this was the perfect way to get my stories out to the public. I am a mother of three really fantastic children. I have been married for a very long time and, like most, I wonder how much longer I can keep that up.(insert snort) I have recently gone back to college and at my age I find myself hoping that I remember the pertinent information and yet I find myself saying things like “The guy’s name started with a P and I want to say it was his last name?”

I have cats and I like to think that they find me hilarious, you never know with cats. But mine follow me around and one really likes it when I sing and another (the male) only likes it when I sing his name…surprises no one I’m sure. The third she is fat and she likes it when I feed her and also sleeping (she’s my spirit animal). I have two dogs as well and they also think I’m funny but I find this a bit less impressive because they aren’t that hard to please. In fact right now they are both hoping it stops raining so they can go outside to bark at things. Their favorite thing, ummm person….well it’s a squirrel, their favorite squirrel to bark at sits in my oak tree and mocks them. I have named the squirrel Fat Larry, he takes all of the acorns and often times the bird feeder. My dogs never catch Fat Larry even when he has to drag the bird feeder behind him. To be fair my dogs aren’t really the hunting type they just don’t want Fat Larry in their yard.

Well I hope that you found my first blog entertaining! I hope you visit again and see what I have to say. I have ideas about my next stories, so some topics that will come up:

‘Why I named this “the judgement of smothers”‘

‘I once lived in a school bus (it ended poorly for my little potty)’

and ‘hiding from the avon lady “Mrs. Whichadinger”

Until next time! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Great job my friend! I always enjoy your insights and positivity….your posts always brighten my day. Looking forward to more stories.


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